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How To Host A Popular Minecraft Sprog...


If you are interested in a perspective by someone who did “professional” server management. I used to own, Which had 500 online users, 128k registered members and +/- 150 active volunteers at its peak. This resulted into a decent donation flow, together with some shiny perks & ad revenue (it was a cracked server […]

League of Legends Fan-Made Champion S...

Fan-Made League of Legends Champion Select Reskin

Some folks just shared a fan-made “reskin” of the league of legends champion-select. The amount of tinkering on this game is INSANE, I would be surprised if they didn’t already have such a project laying in a vault. Source;

An Open Letter: Minecraft Server Soft...

Spigot Server

I have been ‘afk’ in the community for quite a while, although what happened after Microsoft bought Mojang seems to be troublesome for my knowledge regarding server hosting (on a linux dedicated server, meh). Bukkit isn’t available and isn’t being “supported” any-longer (at-least for I am aware) I have found Spigot after searching for a […]

5 Step Guide To Beating EloHell in Se...


This is a easy  to follow guide for climbing the Elo-Hell  To taunt and cheer while changing the ‘context’ and being greedy as an support mage. Be positive and act chatty, you have received 4 team mates who will definitely play better with some kindred cheering. /all We do fine, no towers down and our […]

Dutch Infrastructure Electricity Fail...

Power outage - train station Utrecht

Earlier today the Province Noord-Holland of The Netherlands, has experienced a power outage of around 90 minutes. Airplanes are on hold, trains are locked, while most trams in addition to all metros have been stopped. 1 million households endure a blackout, cellphone infrastructure is paralyzed, and all medical services swap over towards emergency power. Likewise […]

Ruling by Divine Right

Church Artwork

A Codex of History We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth at least the truth that is given us to understand. Ruling by Divine Right Written by Lilith Tudor When his Highness, Desmond, Lord of Time. Granted the Divine right to rule to the siblings; […]

Light Forge S01E02 Wisdom & Inte...

Master Universe

Intelligence is the ability to have, use, and produce knowledge. Wisdom is the ability to revise, reevaluate and create knowledge. Through questioning our perception of reality, we question ourselves, our actions can turn into regret, while our resentment turns into sorrow. But if we are to intertwine towards our similarities, we need to challenge our […]

A Codex of History

Codex Artwork

The Resourcefulness of Necromancy There is a time and place for everything, including the writing of some general fantasy/lore. Instead of applying the more conservative approaches used for storytelling A good story is based around how the ongoing events impact the world. While supplying the motivations, and different perceptions, presented by unique characters. Everyone reads a story for their […]

Light Forge S01E01 Question & Wo...

Rainbow Lion

The answer to most questions can only be forged, both forged through the influx of our human condition, and forged by the grace of a journey without an ‘answer’. While doubt is the best friend of reason, it is the worst giver of hope. If you are going to have the audacity of rhetoric, you […]

The Resourcefulness of Necromancy


A Codex of History We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth at least the truth that is given us to understand. The Resourcefulness of Necromancy, By Quagmirrian Dysley. The human body is just a plain vessel, but still an intriguing construct to serve the soul, […]